Is There Any Difference Between Custom and Production Home?

If you are planning to build a new home, then you have several options. Arguably, there is no single best path because what will be the best option for you will depend upon one homeowner to another.

However, one very common choice that most buyers may face—is the decision between a custom home and a production home as these two are the most prevalent construction options available these days in Canada.

Cedar Hills Contracting is a very well reputed home builder whom you can also hire as your custom home builder Aurora to build your home. Let us discuss in this post, the basic differences between a custom home and a production home.

Custom home

A custom home is usually designed from scratch. A few builders have good relationships with many other prominent builders, as a result, they can have a synergy to offer you a good quality home that you always dreamt of.

These are some of the pros and cons of this option:


  1. Customization is totally based on your own needs

You have got a free hand to do as much customization as you may like.

  1. You can choose a location

You can select your land location and choose your best site as per your preference.

  1. Quality aspects may be under your control 

You can have your say on quality aspects and can offer your suggestions too.

  1. You can build as per your budget

Based on your budget, you can build a house of your own choice.

  1. More energy efficient

You can make your home more energy efficient by using the latest technologies available.


  1. Can be an expensive option

This option can always be much more expensive comparatively.

  1. You will also be involved and take some responsibility

Since you also have your say on quality and hence you will be responsible for any changes made by you to a certain extent.

Production home

Any production home may differ from a custom home, where the home is based on pre-established plans. Although you may have your options, by and large, your home will be more or less the same as many other homes based on the same plan.

For production homes these are the pros and cons:


  1. Planning is already done by the builder

The builder will be fully responsible for planning of homes.

  1. Much inexpensive than a custom home

Since these houses are made on a large scale, it is inexpensive.

  1. Can do a little customization

Few areas like wall painting or cabinet choices can be chosen by you.

  1. You have no responsibility for the quality

The builder will be totally responsible for quality construction and design.


  1. Limited customization

You may not be able to do as much customization as you want.

  1. It may not be your dream home

You have to accept what you get and remain content with it.

Now you have seen both the options. If you have budget then going for any custom home can certainly be a better option, however, if you cannot afford that much then a production home can be your choice.