How to Sell Ringtones on iTunes and Make Money (2021 Update)

With the help of mobile technology, you can sell your music online in the form of ringtones. iTunes and Apple Music are owned by Apple electronics. This means that the electronic giants regularly look for new music to sell as ringtones. Anybody can sell ringtones on iTunes if they go through the right channel –  using a music distribution service.

Selling music on iTunes with the help of a music distributor

There are many reliable and well-connected music distributors in the music marketplace. One of these distributors is MusicDigi. They help music makers sellringtones online through iTunes. iTunes is a music store and a platform for streaming music that is owned by Apple.

How to get started

To submit your ringtones, you will need to upload the ringtones and their UPCs. Many music distributors like MusicDigi provide free UPCs for subscribers during the process of submission.

You will also be expected to provide a unique cover art with an industry standard. You can upload your ringtones following these easy steps.

1). Get a reliable music distributor: You can find a music distributor like MusicDigi and sign up with them. You should understand their terms and conditions before finalizing all agreements.

2). Create your account: You can easily create an account for uploading your music after the sign-up process. This account provides an avenue for you to submit your music.

3). Get your ringtone uploaded: As soon as your ringtone has been uploaded, you will need to submit excellent and high-definition cover art for each music too.

4). The music distributor distributes your ringtone: The music distributor after getting your music sends the music to platforms like iTunes where they are seen by millions of iPhone users globally.

5). Your ringtones get streamed/downloaded: People looking for ringtones will always download your ringtone if they are catchy and good. This is why you need to create catchy and sonorous music.

6). Receive your money: You are paid every month with a detailed report of your earnings.

The roles of music distributors in selling your ringtones

Music distributors like MusicDigi help music makers and other artists distribute their music online. Just like your music, you can easily sell your ringtones to iTunes and other major digital music stores. A good distributor understands the ringtone segment of the music business and will promote your ringtones to millions of iPhone users looking for the latest iTunes releases. Many artists and music makers have been able to make money this way. You can easily track the money you make and see how your ringtones are performing in the marketplace. You are paid every month and the full rights to your ringtones belong to you.

Benefits of selling your ringtones through a music distributor

There are a lot of benefits associated with selling your music ringtones through a music distributor.

1). Monthly payments: You get all payments from ringtone downloads paid straight into your bank account.

2). Super fast delivery: Your ringtones are made available to global iTunes subscribers within 24 hours of upload.

3). Free ISRC and UPCs: You get free ISRC and UPCs for all the ringtones that you have uploaded.

: Your music gets distributed globally to all users of the iPhone as well as other mobile users.