Grease-resistant Logo Mats Add Vital Functional Values in The Manufacturing Sector

In several sectors, chemical spills and grease is extremely dangerous. Among the equipment and machinery clutter, it is unnoticeable to see grease or oily spills. This can cause trips, falls, and slips, which can lead to grave injuries like dislocated or borne bones.

The injured employee may need medical care for a long time, which can impact productivity due to absence. Fall accidents can even be fatal. Therefore, employers need to take preventative steps like installing signage around areas that are prone to slip and trip. Grease and chemical-resistant floor mats are also helpful.

Ultimate Mats offer industrial logo mats with better traction, protection, and comfort. You can look for industry-specific mats. For example, in the welding sector, the welding-safe mats protect welders against shocks from ESD [Electrostatic Discharge]. The grease-resistant mats are designed with holes to prevent the formation of slippery surfaces. Ribbed floor mats enhance drainage or traction. Check the online matting store for performance specifications.

Benefits of grease and chemical resistant floor mats

The oil or chemical-resistant floor mats prevent slips and falls in the workplace, which ensures the safety of customers and employees. Some of the benefits production industries can enjoy include –

  • The mats are designed from a highly durable material called nitrile rubber.
  • Nitrile rubber mats can be installed for different purposes.
  • They offer underfoot comfort and fatigue relief with cushioning and its anti-slipping properties.
  • The drainage holes are medium-sized, which allows spilled liquid to flow through and keep the surface dry.
  • The mat construction includes closed-cell foam, which does not absorb the spilled liquid. Therefore, the industrial mat is useful in a dry and wet environment.
  • The anti-slip or grip pattern on the upper and bottom surface helps to maintain position strongly on any kind of flooring. When people walk across it, the mat offers solid traction thus reducing fall accident risk.
  • The material is tough, so ideal for rough production and a high traffic environment.
  • The material is treated with an antimicrobial additive, so you can use the grease-resistant mats in food preparation and sterile zones. Microbes and bacteria are inhibited from developing on the floor mat, which is notorious to create health hazards.
  • The mats also keep the floor of the production zone safe from getting stained, chipped, or scratched.
  • Chemical-resistant mats are easy to clean. Use mild detergent and just hose the mat weekly or daily!
  • Customize the industrial mat with safety message images to create awareness.

Industrial floor mats type

  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Anti-static mats
  • Shower mats
  • Chair mats
  • Cleanroom mats
  • Drainage mats
  • Entrance mats
  • Sanitary mats
  • Non-conductive mats
  • Scraper mats
  • Traction mats
  • Stair treads

Application of industrial or grease-resistant mats

Sectors like hospitality, leisure, and tourism struggle with trip and slip accidents. For example, restaurant kitchen floors are vulnerable to liquid spills, which make the floor slippery. A swimming pool zone is also a place where people fall a lot. The welding sector also needs fire-resistant industrial floor mats to avoid the falling sparks from melting to burning the floor. The automotive sector experience falls accidents due to diesel or oil spills.

With grease and chemical-resistant floor mats, create a safe workplace and prevent fall accidents!